1Which are Brightlands Innovation Factory’s focus segments?
Brightlands Innovation Factory is the overarching startup organization of the Brightlands ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of four campuses in the areas of Health (Maastricht), Smart Services (Heerlen), Advanced Materials (Geleen) and Food & Nutrition (Venlo). Within each of these focus areas, there are specific areas of expertise:

- Health – Regenerative Medicine, Precision Medicine, Innovative Diagnostics.
- Smart Services – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Big Data
- Chemicals & Materials - Sustainable Manufacturing & Sustainable Processing.
- Food & Nutrition – Healthy food and nutrition and future farming.
2Is the Brightlands Innovation Factory Incubator suitable for my company?
The incubation program is for startups who work on their proof of concept. At the end of the program, the startup has a validated business model, proven technical feasibility of the innovation, a team and a list of prospects. Each startup in this phase, with an innovation in the Brightlands segments, is welcome.
3Is there a company age limit to qualify for the program?
There is no general age limit for companies to participate. We look at the stage your company is in, not the age of the startup.
4Are you looking for companies of a certain size?
Company size varies widely among participants in our programs. The Incubation program can be fulfilled with a one (wo)man startup.
5Can I apply if our founders are not from the Netherlands?
Yes, we are an international organization. We have had companies from all over the world, so far from 19 countries and 5 continents.
6Is it mandatory to incorporate our company in the Netherlands?
Incorporating your company in the Netherlands is not mandatory. It does, however, provide some advantages with regard to local funds. If a startup decides to start a Dutch entity, Brightlands Innovation Factory will provide its assistance in the process.
7I am a single founder. Can I get accepted into the program?
It is possible to be accepted into the program as a single founder. Part of our Incubator program is linking experts to the participating teams and finding suitable people for our startups to expand their teams, either with the experts themselves or by bringing them into touch with people in our extensive network.

Deal structure

1What do I receive when I get selected?
• Value of the program: €60k
• A relevant worldwide network of experts, partners and clients;
• Access to facilities at Brightlands;
• Free office space during the program;
• Assistance in applying for visa, finding housing, starting a Dutch entity, opening a Dutch bank account and other operational services.

2Does Brightlands Innovation Factory take equity or options from the selected companies?
Brightlands Innovation Factory funds start-ups via a Convertible Loan Agreement. The program value is converted into shares when the first investment deal (+200k) is made. Usually this means Brightlands Innovation Factory will take between 4 and 6% equity.
3What financial responsibilities does a participating company have?
Companies are responsible for all of their associated expenses, such as travel, visa, accommodation and other costs related to incorporating their business in the Netherlands.


1How do I apply?
You can apply by clicking the “Apply now” buttons on our homepage. Select the program you want to apply for and fill in the application form.
2When do I apply?
You can apply online throughout the entire year. For each of the programs, the application deadline is 1.5 month before the program starts. If you miss this deadline, it is already possible to apply for the next program. We provide several Incubators per year, all starting in Spring & Fall. The Spring programs usually start around March, April and the Fall programs around September, October.
3What does the application process look like?
After you have filled in the application form on our website, the application process starts. The process looks as follows:

1. Application form, feedback within 2 business days
2. Skype call, feedback within 3 business days
3. Assessment form, feedback within 3 business days
4. Assessment meeting, feedback within 3 business days
5. Board pitch, feedback within 5 business days
6. Participation program, feedback within 5 business days
4Do I need to send in a business plan?
This is not mandatory. But if you already have a business plan, please send it.
5Will you protect my Intellectual Property?
During the selection process, we will only discuss non-confidential information. All IP remains the property of the startup. Part of the program is to build an IP strategy.
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