Blockchain & AI

By connecting you to

World-leading multinationals, researchers and entrepreneurs in the industry as a potential launching customer

At the Brightlands Region start-ups have access to a unique world-leading innovation ecosystem in the fields of smart smart services, blockchain and AI. Become part of a community of open innovation with specialized experts, world leading companies, renown institutions and passionate entrepreneurs! Building on the successful Blockchain & AI Incubator in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, we are ready to welcome a new batch of inspiring entrepreneurs!

Unique start-up program

● 9 weeks

● Masterclasses & Workshops

● Network of Venture Experts

● Connect with International Start-ups

Starting in September 2018, the 9-week Venture Essentials program will help start-ups acquire solid foundations for a validated and scalable business model followed by an Investor Readiness program: pre-seed funding support and customer launch within our network of world-leading multinationals.

  • Akanksha Vyas
    For 3 out of the 4 campuses in Brightlands: the medical, the materials and the smart services campus, we fit into each of them perfectly. It's almost like this ecosystem is designed for us. We haven't found something like this anywhere else in the world, where all of these 3 fields exist together, in collaboration so close to each other.
    Akanksha Vyas
  • Matthew Neary
    More than anything else, the program helped drill into me the ability to truly stand in the shoes of my customers as real, breathing human beings, rather than some abstract stereotypes.
    Matthew Neary
  • Oskar Person
    We have been blown away by quality of the network, and you are given contact to exactly the right people for your case.
    Oskar Person
    co-founder of Consense
  • Dimitri de Jonghe
    After spending a day with the Brightlands community it was clear to me that this isn’t your regular incubator. The vibrant atmosphere led to inspiring interactions and everyone was positively energised. A perfect catalyst for startups that want to field test their ideas into the market.
    Dimitri de Jonghe
    founding member of Bigchain DB

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