Ambitious Small & Medium Enterprises

The Netherlands has the ambition to become a frontrunner in the worldwide transition to a digital and sustainable economy. This requires working smarter and more efficient through applying new knowledge and (digital) technologies in business management. Entrepreneurs experience the following in practice:

● Customers are turning more demanding, this requires knowledge of what your customer and your market want and need. To achieve this, more and more data needs to be used and processed;

● Digitization asks for new skills from enterprises;

● The market gets bigger and bigger through globalization. On the one hand, that’s an opportunity, but it’s also a threat because it’s also easier for foreign companies to enter the Dutch market.

The “Ambitious SME” - program by LIOF, Rabobank, LWV, and Brightlands Innovation Factory gives ambitious SME companies the opportunity to build a solid action plan to become frontrunners themselves.

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